Anonymous asked: On the cover of the candies song, what does the sticker on the mouth keyboard say?

Screen Shot 2014 07 11 at 4 40 17 PM

Did you mean this sticker? It also hard for me to read in since the camera focus was not in the sticker. So this is just my guessing, but maybe

あめちゃんず (Amechan Zu)


Anonymous asked: Do you have a link for d-ize's first full album? I'm in love with his voice and couldn't find the full versions for his album in youtube or google.

Hi anonym, 
I will give it to you privately

But you are anonym ?? o.O

Anonymous asked: Hey! I love goosehouse too. Thanks for this tumlbr. I'm glad to know more about them. I love "SKY", their original song, I want to know who sings the english version of this song?

Hello :D
Yes, i love them too. I found it was so hard to find their information in english. So i made this fan site to spread goosehouse’s virus around the world :)

d-iZe’s Graduation Message - 30th April 2014 translation by me :)

For everyone who are watching from Goosehouse’s Youtube channel, hello, i’m d-iZe.

Just like what I’ve said before, me, d-iZe, in this April 2014 has officially graduated from Goosehouse.

And then today I thought of uploading a greeting video for that

First… the first time I’ve ever thought about graduating from Goosehouse is precisely about one year ago. I was in the middle process of producing “soundtrack?” album. And during the activities around three or four years before, when the name is still Playyouhouse and then changed into Goosehouse, the member has also changed. And the surrounding environment around us has also changed, so in summary there have been so many changes during our growth.

To be honest, back then I was so fed up with everything. And there are also times when i cannot laugh at all. But when i re-think about it once more I questioned myself; “is there are any good thing that happened around that time?” The project of producing “soundtrack?” album  involved so many people in it - many people and many memories - and we were doing everything as we like it. Many people and many memories that everyone gave us in this project… At that time, me as a leader, there was a time when somehow i want that to be released. I was so thankful for all the supports, but at some day it became a pressure for me. 

But as time goes by, working hard together with everyone, finally the production of “soundtrack?” album is finished. Just as i thought, that was the most difficult time, but it is also my favourite album up until now, because many of my favourite songs are included in the album. The album was released. The tour too. And around the end of October the tour ended, after that, even to the members and the staffs, i asked a selfish request, to give me some break time to think about graduation more carefully. When I explained it to everyone, it was only then that I’ve realised that I have made everyone worried about me. Once more, I really want to say sorry. 


At the break time, i travelled around many places, and meet many people…
what did you say it… that was a very good time for me, to thought about Goosehouse and also about myself carefully.

And then, at the same time… For the member, this will also be the first for them to experience Goosehouse continuing their activities without me. And without me, they were doing their best to find the way. Themselves too, without me, were making a CD that they could be proud of.

Watching them like that, me too…. what is it… until now, surprisingly always careful about it, but when i see them like that, somehow my weight become light. And the i could think calmly. And once more, watching the old videos or looking back at the old LIVE photos, we were so enjoying it, what is that… we were really happy doing the activities. Once more i was being reminded by those things. 

And then … 

Just like that… i’m sure i could once more feel the enjoyment and the happiness like that in Goosehouse.. but…, once more i want to do it from a new place, what is that… something like Goosehouse that has been growing up until this time, making some new things with my own hands, something like that. So that i could be laughing happily with all of my heart. A place that we could feel the happiness together. It looks like that i would make something new like that, right? And then make memories from it. As i thought Goosehouse is… hmm… But that doesn’t means that Goosehouse is not a place like that anymore. Hmm… How should i convey it so there won’t be any misunderstood things..

but it’s rather that I want to make something new with my own hands with my honest heart. 

For everyone who always supported my activities, of course this is not a  decision that i made out of egoism, but the members and also the staffs have understand my feelings, and they supports my decision. 

And so, moreover, via blog or twitter, when i announce about my decision, everyone gave me many warm words, but of course there are also some harsh words too. How should i say it… With my feeling like this, i will innovate myself … of course i receive many wonderful comments.

I’m still uncertain whether i will continue in music or not; there are so many comments from blog or twitter asking me about it. That really made me happy. To be honest, i was not the type who could sing well, and when i started in music, it was a bit late. But during the four years i’m doing it, what is it… hmm I could stand in a big stage, enjoying music with so many people, and that was some wonderful activities. 

During that time, i also want to challenge new things; that’s what i always thought. 

But then April ended. And now I’ve made up my mind to start challenging new things, and slowly i could see this new shape. There are so many people telling me to still continue music, but.. for the time being I’m throwing away music. There won’t be any activities of me as d-iZe.

For always watching me until this time, let me doing many things, and making many things I’m sure from now on too will be still continue. I will be so happy if i could make something that is still in unknown new shape. To make that happen, i will continue living and doing my best. 

At this time, since Goosehouse or as a d-iZe before Goosehouse,  i’m thinking that i should greet everyone. So, with a video like this, i could communicate and convey my feelings to everyone. 

With a thankful feelings that won’t disappear,  everyone gave me so many experience,  and showed me so many beautiful scenery. Thank you very much

From now, i will pray a good path for Goosehouse members, and all the housemates will make good songs. I pray from the bottom of my heart. 

With all of that, thank you very much for this four years. 


bye bye

[Thank you for always supporting me]