[trans] d-iZe new Blogpost & Tweet, about his last LIVE as d-iZe

A new blogpost and new tweet from Goosehouse’s ex-leader “d-iZe” on 4th August.

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[trans] List of Member Enrolled in Goosehouse

Found an interesting graph about timeline of each Goosehouse’s members at here: http://goose.eek.jp/takezawa/20140306181047.htlm
translated by me
Here it is!


This is an Illustration of 12 people who enrolled in Goosehouse.
Upon d-ize graduation, this is the graph when he supports Goosehouse in this past 4 years. 
This is an illustration dedicated for d-ize, thank you for all the songs in this past 4 years.


I will give some comments about the graph above.
Until now, 5 March 2014, there are four names who graduated from the group (exclude Saito Johnny temporary withdrawal). 

About Sekitori Hana and Nakamura Chihiro, there was not any graduation announcement, and there was not any nuance of graduation. But the Goosehouse’s fans know about the graduation by the post-report after. 

For example, Sekitori Hana final appearance LIVE was the last episode of Play You.House 1st Season in 21st August 2010. One month after, the 2nd Season was began and we know that she won’t participate in it.

And Nakamura Chihiro case was similar. Her final appearance LIVE was in 27 November 2010. And then there was an announcement: 
"Because i was busy with the band activity, i will take a rest for a while" that was said through Saito Johnny in the next LIVE 15th January 2011 (In the graph, Nakamura Chihiro was enrolled until January 2011). 

Apart from that time, there was no sense of discomfort. 

In Play You.House era, the system in their LIVE is whoever member who could show up will shown in the LIVE. And there always an atmosphere that few people will always absent.

The first time word “graduate” came out, was in Kimura Masahide’s graduation from Goosehouse at 10th December 2011. There was a certain statement from Kimura himself about his graduation. He wrote the announcement himself in K.K. blog.

In 26th May 2012, Saito Johnny announce his graduation (but he returned back to Goosehouse one year later). And Kanda Rioka graduation in 9th March 2013 also have a proper announcement.

The reference costumes wore by members in the illustration above was clothes that was used in a real LIVE. And it can be indentified by the video in this blog. You could see and compare it if you had time.
Also another post about illustration techinques 3 Art of Head and Body Icon if you are interested, please check!

onlyparkland asked: New fan. Found out about them recently and I am enjoying their originals and covers a lot. Their Ustream is such an interesting idea (because I'm new to it). Your tumblr is so fun and informative!

Hi you’re welcome :D 
Yes, i also love their idea and strategy! 
Thank you! Yes, that was my plan~ spread Goosehouse’s info in english :)

Goosehouse/48 group crossovers


Kanda Rioka is friends with Nakatsuka Tomomi (grad) and Nito Moeno (grad), they often talk on twitter and sometimes go out and dine together. She has also been in the same stage play as Uchida Mayumi, Tanabe Miku and Yonezawa Rumi (grad). She has said to like NMB48’s Ogasawara Mayu and Not Yet.

Saito Johnny is an overall AKB48 wota and loves Kashiwagi Yuki.

Dize is a fan of Urano Kazumi (Cindy) but said he likes Yamamoto Sayaka out of the current members.

Nakatsuka Tomomi and Watanabe Miyuki are known to be fans of goosehouse.

(if you know any more please send me an ask and I’ll add it!)