[trans] Natalie “Power Push]” Takebuchi Kei「Kei’s 8」Interview
ナタリー - [Power Push] 竹渕慶「KEI’s 8」インタビュー 

translating from: http://natalie.mu/music/pp/takebuchikei


Reporter :  Tomokazu
Interview Shooting : Sato Rui

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Anonymous asked: i didnt manage to download kei and d-ize albums off of that youtube channel.. can some kind soul share their files ripped from the channel?

Send me your email or your tumblr account. 
I’ll give the link 

140225 ライブB♪ 竹渕慶 「ありがとう」

Takebuchi’s performance at Life B.
Singing “Arigatou”, one song from her new solo album :)

source: @housemateID

midnightskywalker asked: did kei's / d-ize' solo albums got deleted from that sono tyan channel?

Maybe, it’s possible. Due to some certain copyright issue. 
Or else maybe the owner make the link to the video become “unlisted”
It’s already 3 week since i post the link